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MIZ µ-BioRefinery™ (Honduras)

Central Amercia Central Amercia (image: DalinYebo)
Green: Chemicals, Electricity & Jobs.


Valued Opportunity

20 year Project Life

Annual Revenue: US $10Million

CAPEX US $ 25 Million

NPV US $ 43 Million

IRR 27.4% discounted at 10%

Payback within 4 years

45 new jobs created

Eliminate Sugarcane Burning: 2.2 MW Green electricity instead!

Negative CO2 Footprint

Investment Sought

For Project Development

Founding Round US$ 1,000,000

For Project Implementation

Second Round US$ 6,500,000

Project Loan US$17,500,000


Investors Stake 30%

Project Loan 70%






The unique µ-BioRefinery™ IP consist of proven, scaled-down biomass processing technologies and a smart value-chain integration. This results in a 30% margin over the current best practices. It turns conventional sucrose based crops into bio-renewable chemicals and green electricity.
State of the art agricultural practices will result in improved yields and the introduction of the off-season crops. Green cane harvesting will replaces the traditional open burning of biomass.
The biorefinery will be located on 2,000 ha of purchase prime sugar cane land and is 3 hours from the Port of Cortes one of the largest shipping ports in Central America.

Green Chemicals


( Furfural is an important chemical feedstock and solvent to the specialty chemical industry for the production of polymers and chemicals used in the automotive, construction, agriculture and pharmaceutical industries.

Ethanol: Chemical Feedstock or Fuel (additive)

We think of ethanol as a "beyond fuel" product. Whilst in the short-term there are off-takers from the global fuels industry, our medium to long term markets will be its use for other energy products and for green chemicals. Currently, the largest single use of ethanol is as a motor fuel or as a fuel additive.

Project Organization

MIZ Comercializadora

is an Engineering Services provider to the Mineral, Energy and Biofuels Industrial sectors based in Honduras. Thomas Currin of MIZ, Chemical Engineer with 35 years speciality chemical manufacturing and project management experience, will be serving as Project Manager.

Nova Molecular

( a Houston (USA) based custom chemical processing company has agreed to sign long term off take guarantee payment agreement for 1,600 MT/yr. Furfural with prepayment of first year of production. Advanced discussions are under way with a Houston based Fuel Blender and an EU fuel distributor for an Ethanol off take agreement.

DalinYebo Trading & Development

( a privately owned South African company, with vast experience in R&D, chemistry, chemical engineering, marketing and manufacturing of bio-renewable chemicals has been selected as the technology provider for the project. DalinYebo with its international technology expertise in the field of furfural and ethanol extraction makes it the perfect partner to assist MIZ in the implementation of this project.




Thomas Currin, President
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