Bolt-on Biorefining for Furfural Production

BBS-BioRefining™ BBS-BioRefining™ (by DalinYebo)
Upto 10 x higher margin!

Compared with the cellulosic ethanol industry's best efforts to make ethanol from the hemiclellulose, turning it into furfural yields profit margins that are upto 10 times higher than the returns per tonne of hemicellulose from ethanol. In addition, CO2 greenhouse gas emission is reduced (see Cellulosic-Plus™ - "Energy on steroids").

The conversion of C5s into furfural also offers a platform for the creation of many other valuable down-stream products or replacement of chemicals that are currently derived form coal/oil/gas.

BBS-BioRefining™ (“BBS”)

10000tpa FF + High Value By-Products

"BBS" Bolt-on is our low-cost high-efficiency flagship process, the result of the company’s inquisitive minds and 10 years of research and development (R&D) on improving the efficiencies of biomass-to-chemical conversion technologies.