The Team

In support of a greener world In support of a greener world
Committed and purpose-driven entrepreneurs

It is one thing to develop a process that works in a laboratory environment, and quite another to bring together a team of people that can commercialise and sell the process, structure license and project agreements, design a massive plant in another country, build a global marketing structure for the products and make a profit in the process. µ-BioRefinery™ will benefit from DalinYebo who achieved all of that by bringing together and motivating a diverse team of professionals to overcome many challenges and equipping them to master further challenges that lie ahead.

The core team has been in business together for over 12 years. Besides Technology Top 100 company and other awards, the team's achievements to date were based on the commercialisation of technology to make bio-renewable chemicals.

µ-BioRefinery™ makes us of the team's experience of designing and operating industrial demonstration processes for the scaling down of processes that are used in the the sugar and bio-renewable chemicals industries.


  • Harvey
    COO of International Furan Technology (Pty) Ltd and in charge of all project-related tasks including advising on pilot plants and research rigs.
  • Brent
    COO of DalinYebo Trading & Development (Pty) Ltd, responsible for developing the markets and marketing and selling of the biobased chemicals and their applications.
  • Philipp
    CEO and responsible for making relationships work, strategies and financial control.